Established in 1992.
Textile planning/sales division. We create a new value combining advanced technology and traditional technique.
Every day we research and explore, we continue to expand the possibilities of "JAPAN MADE DENIM".


We operate our own denim weaving mill to make “real denim”.
Japan Blue owns 9 “GL9” automatic looms dating from the 1980s.
Old shuttle looms that were active in the Showa era and craftsmen with skilled skills in handling them.
Taking over these to the next generation is an urgent issue, and we are working on it every day.


Although the actual weaving speed of these vintage looms is less than 1/5th the speed of modern shuttle-less looms, it is possible to weave high-count yarn properly with these older machines, giving the fabric an unevenness to the surface and a very special texture.
The denim woven on these vintage looms is known as “selvage”.
At Japan Blue, we define this fabric as “real denim”.


A durable new material that revolutionizes the concept of denim fabric.
In addition to clothing like jeans and jackets, it can be used as a material for a wide range of products, like sheets, or the seats of furniture, where fading and durability are concerns.

Color fastness is improved by developed dying method.
Shin Denim is not fade as like regular denim.
Strength is remarkably increasing with normal denim texture.
The abrasion resistance is over 2.5 times greater better than regular denim.


In our show room at the 3rd floor of the Okayama Main Building, we display 5,000 textile samples. Domestic and international designers from renowned apparel companies visit us to look for ideal denim textiles.